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  Two of Chicago most important blues artists are about to join for a very special tour event in Europe. Both come from the same generation, share the same Mississipi background, and ... They both dealed very closely with the greatest blues legends ever. Muddy Waters (1915-1983) and Howlin'Wolf (1910-1976).
Today, they both appear as the most rooted, prolific and worldwide acclaimed Chicago blues ambassadors. The 2hours30 long show will bring them on stage with the 6 pieces musicians (horn section, guitar, bass, drum, keyboard) of Natural Blues Band originally based in Paris. Young and Primer will first perform each one on his own backed by the band; Then, the great finalee will be an unique occasion to see them perform together on the same stage and for the first time in Europe !
Opening act will be held by young songwriter Bobby Dirninger whose latest critics acclaimed cd "in the end" (2006) with its deep folk blues flavour, reached the Top Ten of the best blues recordings in 2006.

Booking :
Tel. 33(0)5 53 64 92 77 - Fax. 33(0)5 53 64 61 66